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ALLT STUC AN TIOBAIRT Allt Stuchd-an-tiobairt
Allt Stuchd-an-tiobairt
Allt Stuchd-an-tiobairt
Allt Stuchd-an-tiobairt
Rev [Reverend] Dr. [Doctor] McFarlan
Donald Sinclair
John McFarlan
Mr. Martin, Factor
004 A stream rising from the rocks on the side of "Ben Bhreachd" and, shortly receiving a number of smaller tributaries, pursues a course down the mountain through an entangled maze of copsewood interspersed with rocks, and empties itself into "Loch Lomond" near "Stuchd-an-tiobart," from which it takes its name.

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Co. [County] Dumbarton

"Allt Stùchd an t-Iobairt", Adopted. See "Amhuinn an t-Strath Bhàin", on
Sheet 41. Lewis Islands. NH

Allt, (G) [Gaelic], A mountain stream.
Stùchd, (G) [Gaelic], A little hill jutting out from a great one.
An, the; t-Iobart. The Offering

Note - Stùc-an-t-ìobairt
in this name to be written
as recommended page 20
See also answer to a
remark on the same

[Asterisked note regarding varieties of spelling, subsequently scored through:]
t-Iobairt - Rule -" Masculine definites beginning with
a vowel take t- before their nominative
singular." (Munro P. [Page] 52)

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