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ALLT CHROIT-A-CHLAIDAICH Allt Chroit -a-chladaich
Allt Chroit -a-chladaich
Allt Chroit -a-chladaich
Allt Chroit -a-chladaich
Rev [Reverend] Dr. [Doctor] McFarlan
Donald Sinclair, Firkin T.P. [Turn Pike]
John McFarlan, Firkin
Mr. Martin, Factor
008 A good stream rising between "Ben Reoch" and "Ben Bhreachd" which descends through a rugged channel down the side of the mountain and falls into Loch Lomond a little above "Croit-a-chlaidaich," from which it takes its name. Allt signifies a mountain stream. Croit is here put in the genitive case, (chroit). See Croit-a-chladaich
Tullich Hill
Tullich Hill
Tullich Hill
Tullich Hill
Rev [Reverend] Dr. [Doctor] McFarlan
Alexander Dewar, Schoolmaster
Donald Maclellan, Tullich
Donald Macvein, Tullich
Mr. Martin, Factor
008 A large oval shaped hill of great height, on the farm of that name. It falls on the south to "Glen Douglas" on the east to "An Tsreang" and on the west to Loch Long. Its south and east sides are the most rugged and difficult of ascent. It is connected with "Monadh Thighe-na-Laraich" by a long narrow topped ridge on which is a small feature but bearing no name.

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County Dumbarton

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Tuille, Tuilleadh, More, farther, distant.
"Tula, Tulach, (G) [Gaelic], A hillock

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Name to be engraved
as written on plan at
Glasgow - see reason
why - page 3
"Allt Chroit a'Chladaich" Adopted, see arrangement of names on Sheets
on Sheets 41 & 44 Lewis Island.
Allt. (Gael) [Gaelic] - A mountain stream
Croit * A little eminence, A Croft, A piece of arable ground &c
Chladaich (Gen Sing: [Genitive Singular] of Cladach G. [Gaelic]) A shore, beach, a [stony beach?]
* Chroit is the gen: sing: [genitive singular] of Croit

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