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Ben Reoch
Ben Reoch
Rev [Reverend] Dr. [Doctor] McFarlan, Parish Minister and Gaelic Scholar
John Ferguson, Benreoch House
Mr. Martin, Factor
008 The mountain on the north end of the high range which runs between "Loch Lomond" and "An Tsreang". It rises to a great height and is the highest hill in the southern part of the parish. Its side next Loch Lomond is very rugged and steep, and is covered with innumerable knolls presenting a rocky appearance, and occasionally interspersed with small trees. The side which slopes to "An Tsreang" is of a much more regular appearance with very few rocks. On its summit are two large knolls one of which, "Cruach-a-bhuilg", is the highest point of the mountain. The other bears no name. The name "Ben Reoch", which signifies the streaked or spotted mountain, is now almost unknown, and except by the elder inhabitants of the district is generally styled "Arroquhar or "Stuckgown Hill", but the top, "Cruach a- bhuilg", is known to all.

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County Dumbarton

"Beann, Beinn, Top of a mountain, (G) [Gaelic]
Reodh, - (G) [Gaelic] Act of freezing, frozen

It will be pedantic to
restore the probable Gaelic
derivation in opposition to these
resident authorities.
JB Major

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