Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
James Ramsay Cuthbert of Ednam Esqr Cliftone hall £589.10.6
Ednam Exclusive of the Loby & West Mains £1829.12.7
Loby £407.15.5
West Mains £453.1.6 £3280.0.0
Sir Alexander Don of Newton Bart. [Baronet] Edenmouth, Highrighall, Harperton, Kaimflat & Newtonlees £2173.6.8
George Waldie Esqr of Henderside Henderside exclusive of that part whereof the superiority was life rented by Mr Waldie before his accession thereto £533.6.8
Back row of Ednam or Fairny hill now called Newstead with part of Henderside Viz The Lands which was possessed by Robert Hooper and planting on the back of the Hill except one acre £533.6.8
Hospital Lands of Ednam £360.0.0 £1426.13.4
Total Valuation of Ednam parish £6880.0.0
Duke of Roxburghe Feu duties of Easter and Wester Lindean, Bridgehaugh, Lindean Mill & Caldshiels £27.13.4
Heirs of Andrew Plummer of Middlestead Over Whitlaw £366.13.4
Wester Lindean formerly Kerrs of Sunderland halls £466.13.4
Robert Kerrs £254.13.4
Lindean Mill £200.0.0
Third of Bridgehaugh £100.0.0 £1388.0.0
George Anderson of Bridgehaugh Two thirds of Bridgehaugh £200.0.0
Nicol Miln Esqr Faldonside Faldonside or Fadonside £512.0.0
Caldshiels £75.0.0 £587.0.0
Revd [Reverend] Mr Findlater Nether Whitlaw £128.0.0
part of Easter Lindean £3.13.4 £131.13.4
Total Valuation of that part of Galashiels in Roxrshire [Roxburghshire] £2334.6.8

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