Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Duke of Buccleuch Barrony of Branxholm and Free tiends of the parish and Alton Croft & Alton town £4803.1.0
In Valuation Book 1678 Alton Croft and Alton Town were Valued separately at £110.0.0
The Barrony and Tiends jointly with other lands now in Roberton parish the proportion of which corresponding to said Barrony & Tiends was £4693.1.0
Wester Weens acquired from the Earl of Queensberry £179.0.0
Husband Lands of Hawick with Mill and Customs £2626.13.4
Falnash & Hairgrain £684.0.0
Harwood £440.0.0
Tiendside £426.13.4
Longhaugh water £166.13.4
Crumhaugh Hutt and Blackcleugh £266.13.4
Mickle & Little Whitlaws £152.2.7
Hilliesland £66.13.4
Larehope £266.13.4 £10078.3.7
Mrs. Eliott of Borthwickbrae Flex £114.10.9
John K Anderson of Tushilaws Hislop & Ramsaycleughburn £549.4.0
Robert Oliver of Burnflat Barnflat £40.0.0
Feuars of Hawick Particols of Hawick £97.0.0
Carry Over £10878.18.4
Brought Over £10878.18.4
Thomas Turnbull Esqr of Fenwick Fenwick £100.0.0
part of Weensland £35.18.7
part of Mr Patrick Cunninghams Lands in Hawick £15.14.0
part of Mr Patrick Cunninghams Lands in Hawick £31.19.4
Rashigrain and Commonbrae £261.19.4 £445.11.3
Heirs Baillie Hardie & William Scott part of Weensland £36.5.8
James Dickson part of Wensland £19.13.7
part of Wensland £38.5.6 £57.19.1
George Douglas Esqr of Cavers Part of Weensland called Haughhead £27.6.8
part of Weensland called Haughhead acquired from Scott of Orchyard & which belonged to William Irvine £23.8.10
Weensland Mill Acquired from Scott of Orchard & which belonged to Adam Ormistone £41.0.0 £91.15.6
Walter Irvine part of Weensland £18.1.8
Walter Wilson Part of Mr. Patrick Cunninghams Lands now called Alters garden which belonged to George Ker £10.19.0
Walter Scott part of Patrick Cunninghams Lands now called Alters Garden £28.1.0
Heirs of James Kyle part of Weensland which belonged to Mr. William Irvine £23.19.6
Total Valuation of Hawick parish £11591.11.0

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Parish of Hawick

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Parish of Hawick

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