Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Cornellius Elliot Esqr of Woollee Catly & Catlyshaw £233.6.8
Easter Swanshiel £66.13.4
part of Shiels lands & Bostons half of Kirknow £22.15.0
Lands formerly part of Stonedge £44.14.6
Unthank also part of Stonedge £67.11.1
Hartshaugh Mill & Mill lands Broadhaugh Mackside Blackcleughmouth formerly in Abbotrule parish £355.2.0
Wester Swanshiel £33.6.8 £823.9.3
William Elliot Esqr of Harrot Harrot or Harwood & Apudside £633.6.8
In 1643 Stated thus:
Harrot or Harwood £433.6.8
Apitside or Apudside £200.0.0
Fairnielees £1200.0.0
Templehall £262.10.4
Killknow £47.5.0 £2143.2.0
James Chisholm Esqr of Stonedge Easter Division of Sonedge and Howa exclusive of Unthank sold to Mr Elliot of Woollee £367.8.7
Wester Division of Stonedge & Howa £842.6.0 £1209.14.7
William Oliver of Langraw Langraw £104.0.0
Shiels lands & Bostons half of Kirknow exclusive of that part belonging to Mr Elliot of Woollee £68.5.0 £172.5.0
Carry over £4348.10.10
Brought over £4348.10.10
Sir William Elliot of Stobs Bart [Baronet] Billerwell & pertinents £279.10.6
Inner Halrule Consisting of Six Inclosures £493.17.8
Hawthornside & pertinents £610.9.7
Over halrule £832.12.5
Mill & Mill Lands of Halrule £136.9.10 £2353.0.0
Admiral Pringle of Weens Wemyess now called Weens £200.0.0
Nether Bonchester £180.0.0 £380.0.0
William Elliot Esqr of Wells Wells £409.0.0
Westlees £66.13.4 £475.13.4
Robert Riddell Half of Kirknow £39.0.0
John Thomson Easter Fodderlee £80.0.0
Charles Scott Esqr.of Wauchope Wauch-hope £1433.6.8
Charles Kerr Esqr of Abbotrule West Fodderlee £78.9.0
Feu duties £70.4.8
Ruletown head £96.11.0 £245.4.8
Total Valuation of Hobkirk parish £9354.15.6

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Parish of Hobkirk

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Parish of Hobkirk

The total Valuation of this Parish is £22.0.2 More than the Valuation of Hobkirk by the former Valuation Books and the parish of Abbotrule annexed thereto oweing to this Circumstance. In 1769 Mr. Elliot of Woollee having purchased Unthank part of the Easter Division of Stonedge a Disjunction took place and instedd of £412.19.6 the real Valuation £434.19.8 was assumed as the Cumulo Valuation of the Easter Division. It is therefore impossible at present to avoid this discrepancy.

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