Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Duke of Roxburghe Lands which belonged to Earl Roxburgh in 1678 and in Valuation Book 1707 called Thomas Kerrs lands £220.0.0
Other lands which belonged to the Family in 1678 £235.13.4
Half of Burnhope £200.0.0
Other half which belonged to Andrew Elliot £200.0.0
Andrew Pringles Lands in Hownam £183.6.8
Hownam Mill £70.0.0
South Coat or Path coat Grange £200.0.0
Greenhills £433.6.8
Kirk raw & Grange Mill £286.5.2
Stepe side or Steep hillside £84.0.0
Capehope £466.13.4
Eixtenside or Eidenside £544.0.0
Sharplaw £336.13.4
West Grange & Burnwids or Burnwans £333.6.8
Thomas Thervis Lands in Hownam £146.13.4
Nether Chatto and Nettlescleugh £1144.12.0 £5124.10.6
Robert Herr Esqr. of Chatto Over Chatto Hangitshaw, Gateshawfield & pennymuir £1218.10.0
Dr. Gustavus Brown of Mainside Mainside £911.13.4
John Corse Scott Esqr. of Sinton Boughtrig & Cuthbertshope £1218.10.0
Adam Stavert Esqr. of Hoscoat Philogar £400.0.0
Carry over £8873.3.10
Brought over £8873.3.10
Sir John B Riddell of Ruddele Bart. [Baronet] Whitton £1756.0.0
Robert Marshall Hownam Davidsons lands £183.6.8
William Cleghorn of Grange Hownam Grange £158.6.8
Total Valuation of Hownam parish £10970.17.2

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Parish of Hownam

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Parish of Hownam

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