Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Duke of Roxburghe Caverton Caverton Mill Caverton Mains Pringlestead and Cessford £4485.0.0
Hospital Lands £133.6.8
Lands in Cessford town foot formerly Andrew Youngs £166.13.4
Hardies Croft £100.0.0
March Cleugh £280.0.0
Priestcroft now called Shankfoot £38.0.0 £5203.0.0
Duke of Buccleuch Barony of Eckford comprehending Wester Mosses Graemslaw Easter & Wester Wooden Moss Tower & Mill of Eckford and Tiends thereof £3276.6.8
In 1687 rated thus
The Lands at £2276.6.8
The Tiends at £1000.0.0
Three quarters of a land in Graemslaw formerly belonging to Ormistone £21.0.0 £3297.6.8
Robert Kerr Esqr. of Chatto Newhall £285.0.0
William Elliot Esqr. of Wells Ormistone £855.0.0
Marquis of Tweeddale Mosinay nes & Tiends and Lands of ..... belonging to Sir Thomas Kerr in 1643 and tiends £788.0.0
Alexander Chatto Esqr. of Mainhouse Mainhouse £311.0.0
Carry over £10729.6.8
Brought over £10729.6.8
Archibald Jerdane of Bonjedward Haughhead and Eckford Kirkbank & Sandilands £233.6.8
David Mackdougall Hutt £168.0.0
Total Valuation of Eckford parish £11130.13.4

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Parish of Eckford

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Parish of Eckford

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