Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Brought over £7876.13.4
William Elliot Esqr. of Wells Wells £214.10.0
Sir William Elliot of Stobs Bart [Baronet] Stobs Langside Penchrise Staineyshope Singlees Harrotburn and William Rig & Lymecleugh £2633.6.8
In 1678 Rated separately thus Stobs Landside Penchrise Staineyshope Singlees Harrotburn and Williamrig £1633.6.8
Lymecleugh £1000.0.0
Tiends of these lands acquired from Douglas of Cavers £400.0.0 £3033.6.8
Thomas Curror Esqr. of Ormiston Ormiston £675.15.4
Scott of Burnhead's Heirs Hummellknows £254.4.8
George Pott of Rig Earlanrichrig £366.13.4
Walter Scott Esqr. Merrylaw £133.6.8
John Elliot Esqr. Binks £300.0.0
Gideon Scott's Heirs Dod or Dodrig £130.0.0
Duke of Buccleuch Lands which belonged to the Earl in 1643 Lands then pertaining to Scott of Mangerton & Scott of Goldielands, Lands of Dockcleugh & Stobitcoat £5893.6.8
Total Valuation of Cavers parish £18877.16.8
Marquis of Lothian Over and Nether Nisbet Plowalands & Abbyland of Nisbet and Spittal now called Mountiviot & Mill with the Tiends of these Lands exclusive of that part sold to John Riccalton -- £3783.8.8
Riccaltons lands repurchased £59.11.4 £3843.0.0
Paton Esqr of Crailing Crailing £4420.0.0
Reidheughs lands £360.0.0
Harvie Haswells lands £96.0.0 £4876.0.0
James Cranston Laird Woods Lands £14.0.0
Total Valuation of Crailing parish £8733.0.0

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Parish of Crailing

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