Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Duke of Buccleuch Lands which belonged to The Duchess in 1678 and 1797 £9110.0.0
In 1643 rated thus Lands then belonging to the Earl of Buccleuch £8600.0.0
Other lands then belonging to his Lordship £450.0.0
Pringle of Stitchells lands £60.0.0
Mangerton £1280.0.0
Gorrenberry £1600.0.0
part of Whithaugh £199.17.0
Elliot of Midlems lands £36.0.0 £12225.17.0
William Oliver Esqr of Dinlabyre Dinlabyre £400.0.0
Grana £420.0.0 £820.0.0
General Elliot of Larriston Larriston £834.0.0
Blackhope £200.0.0 £1034.0.0
Thomas Beattie of Hartsgarth Hartsgarth & Langhaugh £466.13.4
James Jordane of Thorlishope Thorlishope £520.0.0
William Manderson of Leehaugh Leehaugh & Greenholm £136.15.8
Snaberly purchased from Whithaugh £23.8.0 £160.3.8
John Elliot of Whithaugh Whithaugh exclusive of Snaberly & part belonging to The Duke of Buccleuch £176.15.0
John Elliot of Reidhaugh Reidhaugh £96.11.0
Lord Douglas Baxtonlees, Blackstonelees or peel £160.0.0
John Paisley of Demainholm Demainholm £200.0.0
Total Valuation of Castleton parish £15860.0.0
George Douglas Esqr of Cavers Barony of Cavers and Tiends exclusive of Sir Francis Elliots Tiends sold and Exclusive of Lanton Lady lands now in parish of Jedburgh and exclusive of Hassendean lady lands now belonging to the Dukes of Buccleuch and Roxburgh also land which belonged in 1643 to Lord Cranston William Douglas Lady Summington and Mr William McGill and lands of Tower of Towr £7250.0.0
In 1643 the Barony of Cavers was stated separately from the other lands and when the principles of the Valuation Book made up for that year the whole may be stated thus: Barony of Cavers exclusive of Sir Francis Elliots lands and Lanton & Hassendean lady lands Paid into Jecburgh and Minto parishes £4801.0.0
Lord Cranstons lands £1850.0.0
William Douglass lands £195.0.0
Lady Summingtons lands £200.0.0
Mr William McGills lands £100.0.0
Tower or Tour £104.0.0
Coliford hill £266.13.4
Hirsthill £50.0.0
Orchard lately Acquired from Mr Scott £310.0.0 £7876.13.4
Carry over £7876.13.4

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The Parish of Castleton

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The Parish of Castleton

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