Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Mark Cliftone Esqr of Cliftone Bankhead exclusive of Lands on the Southwest side of the road from Linton to Kelso £414.6.3 ⁶⁄₁₂
Bark of Bankhead South west side of said road £185.13.11⅟₁₂
Linton exclusive of Prior raw £419.0.9²⁄₁₂
Linton Mill Farm £185.13.11⅟₁₂
South fir park & North fir park £48.11.4
Burnfoot exclusive of priorraw £342.18.0⁸⁄₁₂
Mill Acre park £18.11.4⁹⁄₁₂
Greenfield Farm £285.14.11⁵⁄₁₂
Crookhouse exclusive of Hyndlawknow park £432.8.1¹⁰/₁₂
Hyndlaw park £45.14.2⁴⁄₁₂
Plantations Lawn & Garden Ground of park White park & Holepark £57.2.8¹⁰/₁₂
Stoney park £45.14.2⁴⁄₁₂
Cow park £37.2.8⁵⁄₁₂
Hen Croft park £31.8.6²⁄₁₂
North Hard Shottpark £22.17.1²⁄₁₂
South Hard Shottpark £25.14.2¹⁰/₁₂
Hyndlaw Meadow £28.11.4⁶⁄₁₂
Prior Raw £371.8.8³⁄₁₂
Old Garden £293.6.8
Mill Meadow park & Kirk yet park £75.14.1⁸⁄₁₂ £3367.13.4
Andrew Wauchope Esqr of Niddry Frogdean Dennerless Sharps rig and Blacklaw mylne £773.0.0
Easter side £387.0.0 £1160.0.0
William Dawson Esqr. of Graden Graden or palace Garden £586.13.4
Carry forward £5114.6.8
Brought forward £5114.6.8
Hoselaw Kerr of Greenhedds half of Hoselaw £200.0.0
Ralph Davidson Esqr. of Hoselaw The other half of Hoselaw £200.0.0
Total Valuation of Linton parish £5514.6.8

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Parish of Linton

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Parish of Linton

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