Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Duke of Roxburghe Feu duties of Easter & Wester Lindean, Bridgeheugh, Lindean Mill & Caldshiels £27.13.4
Heirs of Andrew Plummer of Middlesteads Over Whitton £366.13.4
Wester Lindean formerly Kerrs of Sunderlandhalls £466.13.4
Easter Lindean formerly Robert Kerrs £254.13.4
Lindean Mill £200.0.0
Third of Bridgehaugh £100.0.0 £1388.0.0
John Anderson of Bridgeheugh Two thirds of Bridgeheugh £200.0.0
Nicol Milne Esqr of Faldonside Faldonside or Fadenside £512.0.0
Caldshiels £75.0.0 £587.0.0
Revd [Reverend] Mr Findlater Nether Whitton £128.0.0
part of Easter Lindean £3.13.4 £131.13.4
Total Valuation of that part of this parish in Roxburghshire £2334.6.8
Antrobus Esqr. Rutherfard Rutherford Mill & Mill lands £2651.0.0
Duke of Roxburgh Half of Lands in Maxton which belonged to Sir Alexander Don £195.10.0
part of Torwoodlees half of Lands in Maxton which belonged to Sir Alexander Don £47.0.0 £242.10.0
David Halliburton of Muirhouselaw Muirhouselaw £733.6.8
Walter Kerr Esqr. Maxton Farm Morridgehall Deanshall & John Wilkies possession in Maxton £752.1.6
David Thomson W. S. [Writer to the Signet] Littledean farm Craig over and Fishings & plewland £847.18.6
Hugh Scott Esqr of Harden Half of Sir Alexander Dons lands in Maxton which belonged to Torwoodlee exclusive of a part belonging to the Duke of Roxburgh £148.10.0
Walter Turnbulls lands in Maxton £15.0.0 £163.10.0
Duke of Buccleuch Tiends of lands in Maxton £100.0.0
Total Valuation of this parish £5490.6.8

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Part of the Parish of Galashiels formerly called Lindean
This parish has by Mistake been inserted twice in this book & should stand in the Alphabetical Order as page 17 as the parish is now called Galashiels

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Parish of Maxton

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