Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Brot [Brought] forward £6039.3.2²⁄₁₂
William Riddell Esqr of Camiston Lands of Bewlie & tiends thereof exclusive of that part feud to John Scott Bewlie Mains £407.1.10⁶⁄₁₂
Kirkland of Bewlie Lands in Lilliesleaf & Tiends of parish not disjoined £288.2.6 £695.4.4⁶⁄₁₂
In 1643 rated thus
Kirklands of Bewlie £90.0.0
Lands of Lilliesleaf then called Lilliesleaf Mill £104.0.0
Tiends of the parish undisjoined £94.2.6
These lands were purchased by Mr. Riddell from the Duke of Roxburgh
John Scott Bewlie Mains Lands feued from Mr. Riddell of Camiston called Stokfield & Noltlair being his share of Lilliesleaf Common £58.3.1⁶⁄₁₂
George Pott Esqr. of Todrig Firth £195.0.0
William Smail of Catshahill Catshahill & Lands in Raperlaw £195.0.0
Ralph Davidsons part of Greenhouse £104.0.0
Andrew Davidsons part of Greenhouse £65.0.0
Add p [per] Act rectifying a Disjunction (4th June 1799) £32.5.4 £396.5.4
Robert Dickson Esqr. of Huntlaw Part of the Muir of Childknow £33.6.8
Carry forward £7417.2.8²⁄₁₂
Brought forward £7417.2.8²⁄₁₂
Miss Scott of Sinton Satchills £256.0.0
William Govan of Hermiston Half of Easter Hermistone which belonged to Sinton £130.0.0
Half of Easter Hermistone which belonged to Johnston £130.0.0
Tiends of the Whole £51.10.2
Wester Hermistone £156.0.0 £467.10.2
Duke of Buccleuch Feu duty of Freershaw £13.6.8
John Leithhead Lands supposed to be Mr. Campbells & A Redfords equally £6.13.4
Hill Lands in Lilliesleaf £23.6.8
Andrew Redford part of Davidsons of Greenhouses lands in Lilliesleaf £57.10.4
Mr Manuels lands £6.13.4
Deduce Vide Act Rectifying a Disjunction 4 June 1799 £20.17.8 £43.6.0
Revd. [Reverend] Mr. Campbell Lands acquired from Riddell of Newhouse £28.2.9¹⁰/₁₂
Thomas & John Telfers Lands in Lilliesleaf £10.0.0
Total Valuation of this parish £8265.8.4

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Parish of Lilliesleaf

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Parish of Lilliesleaf

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