Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Sir J R Riddell of Riddell Bart [Baronet] Brought over £2822.17.3²⁄₁₂ £649.12.4
Lands in Lilliesleaf purchased from A Clark £33.6.8
Lands purchased from Mr Riddell of Muselee as Disjoined £167.5.0
Lands purchased from Mr Hunter of Linthill as Disjoined £162.10.0
Lands of Friershaw purchased from Mr. Scott
Friershaw £285.13.4
Tiends thereof £60.4.0
Eastons Lands in Lilliesleaf £26.13.4 £3358.9.7²⁄₁₂
Hugh Scott Esqr of Harden Five pound Lands of Bewlie £273.0.0
Tiends thereof £60.0.0 £333.0.0
Charles Riddell Esqr of Muselee Lands of Bewlie £330.0.0
Tiends thereof £61.1.2
Lands disjoined from Feuars of Lilliesleaf £106.13.4
Tiends thereof £34.0.10
Rye Chesters & Quarterside £50.0.0
Deduce Lands sold to Sir J B Riddell £117.5.0
Also Rye Chesters & Quarterside £50.0.0
£167.5.0 £414.10.4
Andrew Dods Hungryhill four rigs & Tenement & Yard in Lilliesleaf £71.1.7
Carry forward £5026.13.10²⁄₁₂
Brot [Brought] forward £5026.13.10²⁄₁₂
Edgar Hunter Esqr of Linthll Chappell Mr Scotts Acres in Lilliesleaf & Porteous Croft £668.0.0
In 1643 rated thus
Chappell £390.0.0
Acres in Lilliesleaf £200.0.0
Porteous Croft £78.0.0
Tiends of these lands £73.0.0
Childknow exclusive of part of the Muir & Stock and Tiend £101.11.10
Union Hall £121.10.0
part of Davidson of Greenhous's lands in Lilliesleaf £30.8.6
Lands in Lilliesleaf disjoined with those of the small Feuars £10.6.8
Mr Leitheads lands purchased from Newhouse Johnstons & Herkstons £171.10.0
Mr Redfords lands formerly Hoods purchased from Mr Campbell £10.0.0
Deduce lands sold to Sir J B Riddell of Riddell £162.10.0
By an act rectifying a Disjunction (4 June 1799) it appears that Mr Hunter instead of being rated at £10.8.6 ought only to be rated at £19.0.10 for Lands of Greenhouse £11.7.8
£173.17.8 £1012.9.4

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Parish of Lilliesleaf

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Parish of Lilliesleaf

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