Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Brought over £3708.17.5⁶⁄₁₂
Waugh of Larretburn One & a half Husband lands in Lessudden formerly John Thomsons £101.11.3⁶⁄₁₂
One & a quarter husband lands in Lessudden £84.12.8
Two quarters of a husband land purchased from George White £33.17.1 £220.1.0⁶⁄₁₂
Nicol Stenhouse of Whitelee Stock acquired from Mr Newbigging £30.0.0
¼ Stock acquired from Mr Newbigging for Tiends £7.10.0
Two husband lands & a half of the town & lands of Newtoun £25.0.0 £62.10.0
Miss Hunter Two and a half husband Lands in Lessudden £169.5.5
Feuars of Lessudden Lands in Lessudden undisjoined £161.3.11
Total Valuation of this parish £4321.17.10
Lord Minto Scott of Altons Lands in Raperlaw £416.0.0
Wylies peell or Wells peell £104.0.0
Tiends of Lands in Raperlaw & Wyliespeell £129.12.4 £649.12.4
Sir John B Riddell of Riddell Bart [Baronet] Lands of Bank Town Mill & Mill thereof Clerklands Riddell Mains Stock & Tiends & Lands in Lilliesleaf £1765.0.0
In 1643 Valued thus
Bank £143.0.0
Town Mill & Mill thereof £247.0.0
Clerklands £182.0.0
Riddle Mains £910.0.0
Deduce paid the redden out of these lands £20.0.0
Lands disjoined from the Feuars of Lilliesleaf betwixt 1643 & 1678 £303.0.0
Tiends of the above lands £287.0.0
Greatlaws £104.0.0
Cringles or Crunglaws £100.0.0
Hog lair burn purchased from Andrew Gray £15.11.9
Total Valuation when Sir John succeeded £2271.11.9
Since added by him Lands purchased from Mr Chatto being the whole of Riddell of Newhouses lands
Newhouse £485.29.9⁴⁄₁₂
Lands feued £65.5.8¹⁰/₁₂
Carry over £649.12.4

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Parish of Lessudden

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