Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Thomas Tulloch Esqr. of Ellieston Heavyside Parkend How Park Broom park & Whitecairn lees Stock & Tiend £236.9.3
Clover park Whinfield Northfield house Canal park Green plantations & Ground in the late proprietors possession Stock & Tiends £630.0.9
Six husband lands in Lessudden being a part of Raeburn's lands acquired from Charles Wilkieson £372.0.0
Three quarters of a husbandland in Lessudden formerly belonging to the Feuars acquired from Charles Wilkieson £50.15.6
Three husband Lands & a half in Lessudden called Mainhill £236.19.7
Walter Scott Esqr of Raeburn Three husband lands in Lessudden £186.0.0
Tiends of Duncansons lands in Maxpople Temple lands of Lessudden and the other Tiends which belonged to Lord Cardross exclusive of Tiends of Camieston Ellieston & Mr Newbiggins lands £80.9.0 £266.9.0
James Cochrane of Benrig Half of Temple lands of Lessudden which belonged to Torwoodlee £47.0.0
The other half of Temple lands of Lessudden which belonged to the Duke of Roxburgh £47.0.0
One & a half husband Lands in Lessudden £101.11.3 £195.11.3
Carry forward £1988.5.4
Brought forward £1988.5.4
Walter Kerr Esqr of Littledean Crossflat £373.14.11
St Boswells with Mill & Mill lands and small piece of Ground possessed by Mr Gillan £124.5.1 £498.0.0
William Riddell Esqr of Camieston Camieston £230.0.0
Tiends thereof £24.0.0 £254.0.0
James Newbigging Lands in Maxpople exclusive of part of Stock & Tiend acquired by Mr. Stenhouse £150.12.6
Mrs. Duncanson Lands in Maxpople £42.14.8
Thomas Gillans Heirs One sixth of a Husbandland in Lessudden £11.5.8⁴⁄₁₂
John Mein 5/8 Husband lands in Lessudden £56.7.5⁸⁄₁₂
George Brydon 5/4 Husband lands in Lessudden £50.15.7⁶⁄₁₂
David Kyle Senior of Hiltonhill Two & a half husband Lands in Lessudden called Hiltonhill £169.5.5
David Kyle Junior of Fens Three & a half husband lands in Lessudden -- £236.19.7
Thomsons Croft which belonged to Richard Larmonth -- £15.0.0 £251.19.7
Duke of Buccleuch Customs of the Fair of Lessudden -- £133.6.8
For Feu duties of Ellieston Mrs. Duncanson's lands in Maxpople & Lands of Lessudden -- £102.3.6 £235.10.2
Carry over £3708.17.5⁶⁄₁₂

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Parish of Lessudden

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Parish of Lessudden

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