Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Brot [Brought] forward £11042.1.9¹¹/₁₂
Watsons Hospital Howdean £127.0.0
Spylaw & Pillafooted £500.0.0 £627.0.0
David M. Bining of Softlaw Esqr. Wester Softlaw £628.2.8
Robert Davidson Esqr. of Pinnaclehill Pinnaclehill & Wester Wooden £613.17.4
Robert Walker Esqr. of Wooden Easter Wooden £387.0.0
Robert Scott Esqr. of Rosebank Merk Lands of Kelso disjoined from the Feuars £212.9.0⁵⁄₁₂
Feuars of Kelso Lands of Kelso £1746.18.1⁸⁄₁₂
Total Valuation of Kelso parish £15257.9.0
Sir William Elliot of Stobs Bart. [Baronet] Windington & Windingtonhall £120.2.10
Windington Mill & Mill Lands £62.19.9
Horsley £136.12.3
Part of Te-ourn or Turn called Smithfield Haugh £15.10.0
Te-ourn or Turn exclusive of Smithfield haugh £178.5.5
Part of Arcient or Acreknow lately possessed by William Whillans £22.5.8
Remainder of Acreknow Hunthill and Abbots Acre £151.2.11
Birkwood £58.2.7
Windingtonrig £319.14.6
Upper & Nether Dodburn £132.14.7
Newton & Whitehillbrae £455.7.4
Barns £193.15.6
George Douglas of Cavers Esqr. Kirkton Effledge Whitriggs and Easter Middle £1480.0.0
Archibald Douglas Esqr. of Adderston Adderston now called Adderstonshiels & Adderstonlee £900.0.0
In 1643 rated seperately thus
Gladstaines of Dods lands being Adderstonshiels £700.0.0
Lands of Adderstonlee £200.0.0
Anthony Turnbull of Tofts Tofts £300.0.0
Total Valuation of Kirkton parish £4526.13.4

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