Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Brot. [Brought] forward £22914.18.11⁶⁄₁₂
William Hall Part of the Lands in Lanton which belonged to Robert Ainslie £15.18.2⁶⁄₁₂
James Brown part of Alexander Fergusons lands in Lanton £15.8.0
Robert Bell of Mainslaw Mansion house Garden & park of Lanton £40.0.0
Lanton Cowpark £29.18.3
These lands belonged to the Heirs of George Black £69.18.3
part of the Lands in Lanton which belonged to Robert Ainslie £35.13.11 £105.12.2
John Renwick For 9 Acres 2 roods & 5 falls disjoined from the Marquis of Lothian £95.5.7
James Robson One Acre disjoined from the Marquis £10.0.0
Piece of Ground laid into Simpsons Yetts formerly part of Bonjed [Bonjedward] £1.10.2 £11.10.2
Fair Reid & Rutherford 22 Acres 16 Falls disjoined from the Marquis £221.0.0
William Ormiston One inclosure disjoined from the Marquis £76.1.3
Lord Minto part of Alexander Fergusons lands in Lanton called Lanton hall £61.12.0
Charles Kerr of Abbotrule Esqr. part of Tiends of Muirfield Acres £50.0.0
Total Valuation of Jedburgh parish £23567.6.4
Sir George Douglas Bart [Baronet] Bridge & Chappell & Maxwellheugh now called Springwood park £936.0.0
Maisondiew £400.0.0 £1336.0.0
Duke of Roxburghe Barony of Broxfield Friars or Easter Roxburgh, Tiends of Kelso Maxwellheugh pinnaclehill Wester Softlaw & Wester Wooden, & feu duties of Lands in Kelso Wester Softlaw Wester Wooden & the four Merk twelve shillings land in Kelso £4275.9.0
Mills of Kelso £1800.0.0
Broomlands £1000.0.0
Corn customs of Kelso £278.0.0
Small customs of Kelso £167.0.0
Lands in Faircross formerly belonging to Richard Learmont afterwards to Aikman £62.0.0
Four Merk twelve shilling land in Kelso & Broomcroft acquired from William Carre of Caverse £247.0.0
Vigorous haugh Broad Yard Dovecoat & Horse Market also acquired from Mr. Carre £336.0.0
Forty three Merk lands one quarter of a merk land & one third of two merk lands disjoined from the Feuars of Kelso £1540.12.9¹¹/₁₂
His Graces Total Valuation in this parish is £9706.1.9¹¹/₁₂
Carry over 11042.1.9¹¹/₁₂

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Parish of Jedburgh

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Parish of Kelso

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