Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Brought forward £14160.17.7⁹⁄₁₂
Elizabeth Boll Five Acres in Hindhousefield and Bongate cross at £10.0.0 p. [per] acre £50.0.0
William Amos One Acre in Maisondew formerly Thomas Waughs £8.0.0
James Potts Writer Three Acres in Hyndhousefield and Bongate crofts at £10.0.0 p. [per] acre £30.0.0
Heirs of James Porteous Lands in Lanton £26.0.0
Adam Douglas Lands in Ulston formerly Adam Douglas's £40.0.0
Lands in Ulston formerly William Douglas's £40.0.0 £80.0.0
William Black Nether Wells Stock & Tiend £260.0.0
George Pearson Harden Peell Stock & Tiend £130.0.0
William Keir Esqr. Randalston Rannieston or Ranaldburn £200.0.0
William Fair Esqr Langlee £157.8.4
Galliestongues £66.13.4 £224.1.8
Burgh of Jedburgh The Three Mills of Jedburgh £333.6.8
Robert Scott part of James Henderson's Lands in Lanton £36.13.4
Thomas Ainslie Esqr. of Wells Over Wells £406.3.4
Porteous, Henderson & Rutherford Part of the Lands in Lanton which belonged to Mr. Mein £42.17.4³⁄₁₂
Carry forward £15988.0.0
Brot. [Brought] forward £15988.0.0
Marquis of Lothian Over Crailing £1969.4.6
Mill and Mill lands of Fairnyhirst £132.9.6
Inclosures of Fairnyhirst £240.2.0
Pickedhill haugh £20.14.0
Ashhaugh £33.2.4
Braehead £16.11.2
Part of Fairnyhirst called Kersheugh £351.17.6
Part of Fairnyhirst called Blackstone haugh £28.19.6
Fairnyhirst park life rented by Mr Smith £264.18.9
Howden £242.12.0
Old Jedburgh & Tiends of Birnyrig & Ulston £250.18.4
Part of Tiends of Castle woodfield which formerly belonged to Thomas Ainslie £60.0.0
Tiends of Jedburgh side Hyndhousefield and Bongate Crofts £516.0.0
In 1678 stated seperately thus
Tiends of Hyndhousefield & Bongate Crofts £300.0.0
Tiends of Jedr [Jedburgh] side £216.0.0
Chappell £30.4.10
Twenty nine Acres in Castlewoodfield at £8.0.0 p [per] acre £232.0.0
Six Acres in Maisondieu @ £8.0.0 p [per] Acre £48.0.0
Eighteen Acres & 3 roods in Hyndhousefield & Bongate Crofts at £8.0.0 p [per] Acre £187.0.10
£4625.4.5 £15988.0.0

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Parish of Jedburgh

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Parish of Jedburgh

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