Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Brought forward £6447.16.2⁹⁄₁₂
Alexander Carre Esqr of Cavers Rattenraw Greypiel and Majors park £382.11.10
Hundalee Mill Mill Lands & Lands in the proprietors possession in 1779 £382.11.10
Heddfaulds & Hundalee muir £198.5.1 963.8.9
Charles Robson Esqr of Samieston The seven Mark lands of Samieson £333.6.8
Tiends thereof £56.0.0
Springfield being six acres & a half in Hyndhousefield & Bongate Crofts at £10.0.0 p [per] Acre £65.0.0
Allerlywell being two acres in Bongate at £10.0.0 per acre £20.0.0 £474.6.8
Benjamin Bell Esqr of Hunthill Barony of Hunthill exclusive of Lands sold to Capt [Captain] Rutherford & Mr Riddell £755.13.4
Sum taken of the lands in Hunam parish which belonged to Lord Rutherfurn and laid upon his lands in Jedburgh parish £170.2.10
Three hundred & sixty nine Acres english of the west side of Wester Scraesburgh Tendyhall Mossside & west end of Hunthill £259.0.0 £1184.16.2
John Rutherfurd Esqr. of Mossburnford Mossburnford Groundies nook & mill inclusive of Multures £152.0.0
Carry forward £9222.7.9⁹⁄₁₂
Brought forward £9222.7.9⁹⁄₁₂
Archibald Jardine Esqr of Bonjedward East end of Bonjedward Mains and others £406.1.1
West Mains of Bonjedward Mains and others £407.18.9
Bonjedward farm Mill Mill lands & others £407.7.2
Ashibank Craigs park and others £406.5.8
Pasture Ground to the west of Huntknow park Town Sheeprig & others £403.16.0
Horse park of Bonjedward place Sunnybrae park & others £406.8.8 £2437.17.4
Sir John Scott of Ancrum Bart. [Baronet] Haugh on North side of Tiviot formerly part of the Estate of Bonjedward £3.0.3
Admiral John Elliot Mounthoolie £740.7.7
Woodend Roundhaugh & New Mill £617.4.8 £1357.12.3
Duke of Roxburghe Lands in Samieston acquired from Henry Davidson and William Gladstanes £466.13.4
Till 1748 rated seperately thus
Davidsons Lands £233.6.8
Gladstanes Lands £233.6.8
Brunden or Brundenlaws £400.0.0 £866.13.4
Duke of Buccleuch Lands in Lanton £220.0.0
Thomas Robson Birneyrig £53.6.8
Carry forward £14160.17.7⁹⁄₁₂

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Parish of Jedburgh

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