Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Stewartfield Brot [Brought] forward £918.16.1 £3896.8.6
Little prior Meadow & burn Croft £41.0.6
Barn croft & Orchard £36.18.5
Mungeon park £46.9.10
Old Garden £16.8.8
John Selkirks house at Bridgend £5.2.6
Daniel Govans boat house there £2.14.8
James Scotts boat house there £2.5.0
William Turnbulls boat house & Stable £4.15.8
John Aitkins boat house £2.14.8
These 24 articles Compose the Estate now called Stewartfield formerly called Hartrig, Thirleside and Lands in Ulston
William Haswells lands in Ulston £104.4.6
Francis Haswells lands there £104.4.6
Adam Haswells lands there £104.4.6
James Mathers lands there £26.13.4
House at Bridgend held feu of Mr Davidson formerly prehended in the Estate of Stewartfield which belonged to the Heirs of George Fair £1.7.4 £1418.0.2
Eight Acres in Hindhousefield and Bongatecroft at £10.0.0 per acre £80.0.0
Carried over £5394.8.8
Brot. [Brought] forward £5394.8.8
Thomas Elliot Ogilvie of Chesters Lanton Mill £33.6.8
part of Westfield of Lanton £18.13.11
Part of the Lands in Lanton which belonged to Andrew Mather called Caputlaw & two inclosures £87.2.0¹⁰/₁₂
Part of Robert Douglas's Lands in Lanton for three Inclosures & a small plantation £31.7.10¹¹/₁₂
Part of the Lands in Lanton which belonged to Mr Mein £192.18.1⁹⁄₁₂ £363.8.8⁵⁄₁₂
William Elliot Lanton Mains Part of the Lands in Lanton which belonged to Robert Douglas being two inclosures & the onstead of houses £10.0.11²⁄₁₂
Robert Mather Part of the Lands which belonged to his Brother consisting of one inclosure with the Onstead of Houses Yard and proportion of the Mains of Lanton £53.4.7²⁄₁₂
Lord Douglas Swinie Standilane Old Jedbro' [Jedburgh] and Linthaughlee £560.0.0
In 1643 Rated thus
Swinie Standilane & Old Jedburgh £400.0.0
Linthaughlee £160.0.0
Tiends thereof £66.13.4 £626.13.4
Carry forward £6447.16.2⁹⁄₁₂

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Parish of Jedburgh

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Parish of Jedburgh

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