Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Brot [Brought] forward £4625.4.5 £15988.0.0
Eighteen Acres 2 roods in Jedburgh side and Hawick gate at £10.0.0 p [per] acre £185.0.0
Thirteen Acres in Hawickgate at £10.0.0 p [per] acre £130.0.0
The above stands rated in the Valuation Book in 1791 but as several Disjuntions have taken place since that time it will be necessary to state them as under the names of the Lands disjoined are not particularly mentioned n the above articles Total Valuation £4940.4.5
Lands belonging to Mr Waugh called Langshot disjoined £120.0.0
Lands belonging to Mr Waugh called Larkhall disjoined £228.0.0
William Renwick for 9 Acres 2 Roods £95.5.7
James Robson Jedr [Jedburgh] for One Acre £10.0.0
Fair Reid and Rutherford for 22 Acres 16 falls £221.0.0
Captn [Captain] William Ormiston for one Inclosure £76.1.3
£750.6.10 £4189.17.7
Acrers of Jedburgh Lands not yet disjoined £1371.10.0
The different fields about Jedburgh were in 1643 valued seperately, sundry disjunctions have been made of the valuation of lands lying in each field, but as the acres of Castlewoodfield & Maisondiew asre blended
Carry forward £21549.7.7
Brot. [Brought] forward £21549.7.7
blended together it therefore becomes necessary to class the undivided Cumuls of these two fields together when the particulars will stand thus.
91 Acres in Castlewoodfield and Maisendew at £8.0.0 £728.0.0
60 Acres & 3 Roods in Hyndhousefields & Bongate Crofts at £10.0.0 p [per] acre £607.10.0
22 Acres in Hyndhousefield & Hawickgate at £10.0.0 p [per] acre £220.0.0
And by Disjunction (2nd August 1792) Mr Waughs Lands stands disjoined from the Acres for 13 acres in Hawickgate £130.0.0
For 6 Acres 3 Roods in Castlewoodfield £54.0.0
Remaining Cumulo of the Acres £1371.10.0
Thomas Waugh Esqr of Hawkburn Eleven & One half Acres in Castlewoodfield which belonged to his Father £92.0.0
One Acre in Castlewood which belonged to Agnes Curle three acres which belonged to Thomas Rutherford Two Acres which belonged to Dand Bell & 3 Roods & two acres which belonged to John Aitkin in all 8 Acres 3 quarters at £8.0.0 p [per] Acre £70.0.0
Carry over £21549.7.7

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Parish of Jedburgh

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