Proprietor Land Particular Valuations Valuation Totals
Major-Gen. [General] THOMAS GOLDIE of Goldielee, Barncaillie and Teinds Two hundred and seventy pounds, £270.0.0
Nether Kilwhanady and Teinds, Two hundred and twenty-four pounds, £224.0.0
Merkland Sixty pounds £60.0.0
Kilwhanady and Milnmote Croft Fifty-five pounds £55.0.0
ALEXANDER HAMILTON of Marwhirn, Crofts, One hundred and four pounds, £104.0.0
Marwhirns and Teinds Two hundred and eleven pounds £211.0.0
JOHN MARTIN of Kilwhanady, Upper Kilwhanady, Two hundred and twenty-seven pounds, £227.0.0
JAMES FRAZER of Barr, Upper barr and Nether Glaisters , Two hundred and ten pounds, £210.0.0
JOHN MAXWELL of Terraughty, Auchenhay and Teinds, One hundred and sixty-four pounds, £164.0.0
WILLIAM COPLAND of Collieston Over Darngarroch Forty pounds £40.0.0
Nether Darngarroch and Teinds thereof Forty-one pounds £41.0.0
Brocklogh Sixty nine pounds ten shillings £69.10.0
______THOMSON, Slongaber and Westland and Teinds, Sixty-eight pounds, £68.0.0
_____WELSH, Mool, One hundred pounds, £100.0.0
SIMON GRAHAM, Upper Glaisters, One hundred pounds, £100.0.0
ROBERT GORDON of Craig Nether Barr Seventy-seven pounds ten shillings £77.10.0
Lochenkitt and Teinds One hundred and six pounds £106.0.0
Narry Sixty-five pounds £65.0.0
WILLIAM STOTHART OF Arkland Two Drumumphrays and Teinds One hundred and six pounds £106.0.0
Areeming Eighty pounds £80.0.0
Arkland Seventy-five pounds £75.0.0
PETER McCARTNEY Over Marcartney Thirty-four pounds £34.0.0
JOHN M'MORINE Nether Macartney One hundredand thirty-four pounds £134.0.0
Kirklebryde and Teinds Eighty-two pounds £82.0.0
WILLIAM LAIDLAW and ____ GRIEVE Minnydow Eighty-five pounds £85.0.0
Barmoffity Fifty-five pounds £55.0.0
Boguehall and Moss-side and Teinds Fourteen pounds sixteen shillings and ten pennies £14.16.10
WILLIAM DICKSON, Margley and Teinds, Fifty-one pounds, £51.0.0
DAVID MAXWELL of Cardoness, Tarbreoch, One hundred and thirty pounds, £130.0.0
The Rev. Dr. [Reverend Doctor] DAVID LAMONT, Culshawn and Teinds, Thirty-eight pounds three shillings and two pennies, £38.3.2
Knockwalloch Fifty-five pounds £55.0.0
ALEXANDER MOFFAT Holehouse and Teinds Twenty-one pounds four shillings £21.4.0
Marlemont and Teinds Thirty-one pounds sixteen shillings £31.16.0
ROBERT WHIGHAM of Culfad Culfad and Teinds Eighty-two pounds ten shillings £82.10.0
Arkland's Knockwalloch Forty-five pounds £45.0.0
Barbrain and Teinds Twenty-one pounds £21.0.0
Two Crocketfords, Seventy-five pounds £75.0.0
JAMES McKEUAR Blackmark Thirty pounds £30.0.0
JOHN GRIERSON Corse and Teinds Twenty-six pounds £26.0.0
McNaught's Kirkland Fifty pounds £50.0.0
Bardarroch and Teinds, Twenty-six pounds, £26.0.0
Total Valuation of KIRKPATRICK-DURHAM Three thousand five hundred and forty pounds ten shillings £3540.10.0

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