Proprietor Land Particular Valuations Valuation Totals
Lady WINIFRED CONSTABLE of Nithsdale Lawstoun Sixty pounds £60.0.0
Bowrock Forty-three pounds £43.0.0
Above the Brae Forty-six pounds £46.0.0
Beneath the Brae Forty-three pounds £43.0.0
Meikle Barfil Eighty pounds £80.0.0
Bettyknows Eighty pounds £80.0.0
Bogrie and Merkland One hundred pounds £100.0.0
Rough Merkland Thirty pounds £30.0.0
Deanstoun Forty-two pounds £42.0.0
Mains of Carswada Twenty-four pounds £24.0.0
Nether Town of Carswada Sixty pounds £60.0.0
Merkland of Carswada Eighteen pounds £18.0.0
Coldside Twenty-four pounds £24.0.0
J.MURRAY M'CULLOCH of Ardwall Mains of Hills Eighty pounds £80.0.0
Howyeard Eighty pounds £80.0.0
Foreside Twenty-six pounds £26.0.0
Breckley Thirty-six pounds £36.0.0
Loghfoot Fifty-two pounds £52.0.0
Kirkland Thirteen pounds six shillings and eight pennies £13.6.8
Kirkstile Sixteen pounds £16.0.0
Upper Bank Twenty-six pounds thirteen shillings and four pennies £26.13.4
Mid Bank Sixteen pounds £16.0.0
Braecroft Ten pounds £10.0.0
Fellside Ten pounds £10.0.0
Loghanheads Twenty-nine pounds thirteen shillings and four pennies £29.13.4
Hollybush Sixteen pounds £16.0.0
JOHN CLARK of Nunland Nunland Mains One hundred and one pounds £101.0.0
Lochrutton Gate One hundred pounds £100.0.0
Town of Drumar Forty pounds £40.0.0
WILLIAM IRVING of Gribton Mains of Barnbackle Sixty pounds £60.0.0
Third Forty-six pounds £46.0.0
Upper Deadside Forty-six pounds £46.0.0
Lower Deadside Thirty-three pounds £33.0.0
Three Crofts Forty pounds £40.0.0
Upper Barwhar Eighty-three pounds six shillings and eight pennies £83.6.8
Mrs. AGNES MAXWELL of Munches, Mains of Auchenfranko, Sixty-three pounds six shillings and eight pennies, £63.6.8
Whiteyeard Forty-two pounds £42.0.0
Slakes Forty pounds £40.0.0
Moat Twenty-four pounds £24.0.0
Miln of Auchenfranko Thirty-five pounds £35.0.0
JAMES AFFLECK Armanogh Twenty pounds £20.0.0
CHARLES SHARPE of Hoddom, Head, Forty-five pounds, £45.0.0
Messrs. BAIRDENS, Nether Barwhar, Eighty-three pounds six shillings and eight pennies , £83.6.8
JAMES SWAN, Brae and Burnside, Eighty pounds, £80.0.0
Total Valuation of the Parish of LOCHRUTTON, Two thousand one hundred and forty-three pounds thirteen shillings and four pennies , £2143.13.4

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