Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Markinch Parish continued Scots
Brought forward £8753.16.8
Andrew Alburn now David Low Plasterers £24.6.8
Lamonds Law £49.10.0
George Greig Little Balcurvie £83.0.0
Charles M. Christie Bevins £81.0.0
Earl of Rothes Auchmuty £569.0.0
Gilbert Bethune Balfour £611.0.0
David Millie Cameron Bridge £59.4.6
Robert Wardlaw Meikle Balcurvie £328.13.4
Scoonie Parish
Charles M. Christie Durie £2744.14.1
Charles M. Christie Haugh formerly Countess of Wemyss £101.0.0
Charles M. Christie Haugh Jerome Robertson £38.0.0
Charles M. Christie Little Drummond £77.13.4
Sir William Erskine Athernie £434.0.0
Sir William Erskine Feuduties of Athernie from Ceres Parish £9.4.10
Alexander Anderson Monthrive £455.13.4
Alexander Anderson Feuduties of Monthrive from Ceres Parish £15.2.4
John Fernie Unstone £139.13.4
James Goodsirs Acres £25.0.0
George Simson Letham £408.10.0
John Tullidelph Kilmun £274.0.0
David Fleming West Myreside £118.11.4
John Fernie Durie Mill and Old Duriemill £247.6.9
Wemyss Parish Scots
General Wemyss Barony of Wemyss after Disjunction of Pirnie £4869.2.8
Andrew Wilson Pirnie £76.17.4
Town of Edinburgh Feuduties £329.13.4

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