Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Leslie Parish Scots
Earl of Rothes Barony of Leslie after disjunction Drumain Hole & Balgothrie £1655.12.2
Earl of Rothes Remaining part of Pitcairn £258.7.0
Earl of Rothes Russell's acres £12.0.0
John Balfour Part of Pitcairn £232.13.0
John Balfour part of Drumain and Hole £339.12.1
Robert Douglas Strathendry £1397.0.0
Robert Douglas part of Balgothrie £253.9.1
Robert Douglas Balsillie originally David Christie £177.0.0
NB Strathendry was disjoined as under
Part of Strathendry holding of the Crown £751.7.8
of Lord Rothes £645.12.4
Sum as above £1397.0.0
Sundries Prinlaws formerly Andrew Oliphant afterwards John Berry £200.0.0
Earl of Moray Feuduties of Bucklive and Prinlaws £11.6.8
Thomas Ireland Acres £24.0.0
Markinch Parish Scots
John Balfour Balbirnie originally £922.6.8
John Balfour Bandon £436.13.0
John Balfour Pyeston £219.10.0
John Balfour Balfarg £365.10.0
John Balfour Newton £334.1.0
Doctor Arnot Part of Brunton £234.7.6
Doctor Towers Part of Brunton £234.7.6
William Paston Part of Brunton £370.1.0
William Paston Birrells acres £40.0.0
Feuars of Brunton Part of Brunton £88.4.0
Earl of Leven originally £3362.13.4
Earl of Leven Teinds of Laws acres £126.10.0
Earl of Leven Teinds of Lathones £69.0.0
Earl of Leven Teinds of Balfours acres £72.0.0
Earl of Leven Birrells acres -- £40.0.0
Earl of Leven Newton -- £334.1.0 £374.1.0 £3256.2.4
John Mitchell Coul part of Bandon £131.7.0
Mrs Lindsay Half of Kirkforthar £256.0.0
Major Seton Half of Kirkforthar £256.0.0
James Wemyss Carrieston £237.0.11
James Ramsay feu of Carrieston £1.9.10
Margaret Wishart feu of Carrieston £5.15.10
James Blyth feu of Carrieston £6.13.5
General Wemyss Lords Cameron £927.16.4
James Halley Banks part of [--]
Andrew Landale Littlelun of [--] £291.16.0
Andrew Wilson East Cameron [--] £44.4.4
Carried forward £8753.16.8

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Note. Balfour's part of Balgonie OVR [Old Valued Rent] £2837.13.1 & decreet of Valn [Valuation] -
See Brieve of cr. chr [crown charter] to J M Balfour Candls [Candlemas] Term 1846

Note. Balfour of Balgonie's part of OVR [Old Valued Rent] £2837.13.1 (in F431) - (£150.9.3 in F1795) Balance of £267.10.0
represents Teinds presumably exhausted)

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