Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Aberdour Parish Scots
Earl of Morton Barony of Aberdour after disjunction to Dr [Doctor] Stuart £1800.14.0
Earl of Morton Part of Couston £300.0.0
Earl of Morton Part of Cuttlehill & Leaside £200.0.0
Earl of Morton Whitehill £321.15.10
Earl of Morton Balram £374.0.0
Earl of Morton Balmule and Mountquey £441.0.0
Earl of Morton Stevenson's Templehall £155.6.8
Doctor C. Stuart Dunearne £1026.0.0
Doctor C. Stuart Part of Aberdour £104.15.0
Doctor C. Stuart Part of Aberdour called Necklands £82.11.0
Doctor C. Stuart Part of Whitehill £100.17.6
Earl of Moray £1412.10.0
Sir John Henderson part of Couston £85.0.0
Robert Beatson South Kilry £203.0.0
Lord Balmuto part of South Kilry £2.0.0
Robert Wemyss Bucklevys £223.0.0
William Inglis Templehall £100.0.0
Thomas Liston Bankhead £83.0.0
Beath Parish
John Aitken Aitkens Beath £176.5.0
John Aitken Muiries Muirhead Beath £78.12.6
Dr [Doctor] Scott Balfours Beath £367.6.8
David Beatson Beatsons Beath £168.0.0
William Thomson Coudens Beath £161.6.8
Carried forward £951.10.10

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Dunfermline Presbytery

Doctor C. Stuart [note] (See Allocations affixed)
Robert Wemyss [note] Earl of Moray appears to [---] of E. [Earl] of Morton

Norther Balmule marked * Bankhead feu of Shadon half of North Balmule

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