Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Kennoway Parish Continued Scots
Brought forward £2649.6.8
Miss Mary Buttler Stark Lamonds Newton formerly Lord Elgins £227.0.0
Miss Mary Buttler Stark Kingsmill formerly Lord Elgins £100.13.4
Miss Mary Buttler Stark James Archibalds portion of Balbreikie £47.10.0
Miss Mary Buttler Stark John Thomson's portion of Balbreikie £47.10.0
James Blyth Fernie Kilmux Wester £235.6.8
Patrick Moncrieff Rymers Newton £245.0.0
Bankirk Feuars
John Smellums feu £4.13.5
David Hoggs feu £3.16.3
Robert Thomson's feu £2.2.10
David Donaldson's feu £19.8.10
Robert Dalrymple's feu £9.15.5
George Watson's feu £5.0.2
Mr Fiddler's feu £65.3.1 £110.0.0
Charles Maitland Christie Drummaird formerly Archbalds £103.0.0
Charles Maitland Christie Countess of Rothes formerly Archbalds £42.0.0
Thomas Ballingal Part of Drummaird £51.13.4
Doctor Seton Drummaird £103.6.8
Alexander Wood part of Drummaird £69.6.8
part of Alexander Blyth afterwards R. Blyth £103.0.0

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