Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Kinglassie Parish Scots
General Ayton Inchdairnie £655.0.0
General Ayton Goatmilk £608.0.0
General Ayton Auchmuir £211.0.0
General Ayton Auchmuir formerly Thomson's £105.10.0
General Ayton part of Cullairny £9.4.7
Robert Ferguson Clunie £1752.1.4
James Blyth part of Collairnie £242.15.5
James Blyth Redwalls £268.0.0
John Balfour Kinglassie £413.0.0
John Balfour Finglassie £549.0.0
William Drysdale Meldrum's Pitteuchar £126.0.0
William Drysdale Wester Pitteuchar £333.4.0
George Miller Easter Pitteuchar £126.0.0
Earl of Leven Pitteuchar £237.16.0
Sir William Murray Pitlochie £395.13.4
Walkerton £42.10.0
Mrs Campbell Finmonth £328.0.0
Earl of Rothes Over Stenton £470.10.0
Caskieberran £381.18.8
Mildeans £248.0.0
Dunfermline teinds £113.15.0 £1214.3.8
Earl of Leven Teinds £291.3.0
Lord Minto Kinninmonth £56.0.0
Lord Minto Teinds of Kinninmonth £16.0.0
Marquis of Tweddale Teinds £292.13.4

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