Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Dysart Parish Continued
Burntisland Parish Continued Scots
Brought over £4931.0.0
Robert Wemyss Binend, Gedsmill and Provost Stewart £853.3.4
This composed of
Gedsmill £322.0.0
Binend £336.0.0
Archibald Angus £120.6.8
Alexander Bonar £18.0.0
W. Marshall £12.10.0
W. Dalgleish £44.6.8
[total] £853.3.4
Dysart Parish
Earl of Rothes Easter Strathore £509.10.0
James T. Oswald Dunnikier £702.0.0
Walter Fergus Skeddoway £494.0.0
Walter Fergus Wester Strathore formerly A. Swinton's £230.10.0
General Ayton Balgreigies portion of Mitchelston £87.13.4
Earl of Rosslyn Barony of Ravenscraig £2800.0.0
Earl of Rosslyn portion of Mitchelston formerly H. St.Clairs £111.0.0
Earl of Rosslyn Chalmer's portion of Mitchelston £43.0.0
Earl of Rosslyn James Patullo's portion of Mitchelston £29.0.0
Earl of Rosslyn Elspeth Cunninghames part of Blair £21.0.0
Earl of Rosslyn Robert Kerr's part of Blair £43.0.0
Dysart Acres
Alexander Brymer £11.15.2
Earl of Rosslyn £26.12.6
George Heggie £31.10.0
Carried forward £5140.11.0
Dysart Parish Continued Scots
Brought forward £5140.11.0
George Eason £15.10.1
David Reddie £7.3.2
William Thomson £7.3.2
James Abercrombie £19.15.4
John Sinclair £12.11.6
John Swyne £10.15.8
Thomas Spence £8.19.8
Burgh of Dysart £14.7.6
Earl of Rosslyn £20.2.4
John Whyte £15.7.5
James Lindsay £7.13.9
Walter Davidson £7.13.9
Alexander Bissett £6.14.6
George Miller £13.8.11
James Anderson £11.10.6
David Williamson £1.18.5
Kennoway Parish
John Balfour Lalethan £100.0.0
Richard Lundin Auchtermairny £800.0.0
Richard Lundin Blackhall £93.0.0
Bagrie-bank £30.0.0
Earl of Leven Teinds of Auchtermairny Kingsmill £159.0.0
College of St Andrews Duniface £293.0.0
Gilbert Bethune Treaton £553.17.0
Gilbert Bethune Kennoway £591.3.0
Treaton Feuars £29.6.8
Carried forward £2649.6.8

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