Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Parish of Ballingry Scots
The Lochore and Cappeldrae Cannel Coal Coy. [Company] Limited Bowhouse, Baltred Mains and Loch of Inchgall and Bannery hill £508.19.8
Feuduty of Balfarg £2.7.1
Feuduties of Clune, Contle, Cartmore, Blair or Colville's Blair, Spittal, Ballingry, Navity, Cathills, Cowhills and Milltown £2.13.3
Ladath £130.0.0 £644.0.0
Sir James Malcolm Bart. [Baronet] Waulkmill of Inchgall £20.5.2
Kirklands £9.4.10
Tichielaw £21.9.4
Flockhouse £35.4.8
Kirklands (Thomas Wallace) £12.14.3
Rosewell £43.18.2
Balbedie £668.10.0
Remaining Lands of Inchgall (Kirklands) £203.11.10 £1014.18.3
James Constable Mill and Mill Lands of Inchgall £167.11.9
Contle £178.13.4
Templeland £38.0.0 £384.5.1
William Briggs Constable Blair £240.13.4
Miss Jessie Henderson and Corshills £122.0.0
Mrs Rosina Henderson or Hardie Miltown £27.0.0 £149.0.0
Benjamin Liddle Navity £153.13.4
Earl of Minto Land originally in name of David Scrymgeour (Cartmoor) £211.0.0
Kininmonth £123.6.8 £334.6.8
Earl of Zetland Lands originally in name of the Countess of Rothes (Lumphinans) £400.0.0
Miss Jane Gilmour Ballingry £156.13.4
Cumulo Valuation 1695 £3477.10.0
A True Excerpt Certified by William D. Patrick County Clerk of Fife

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William Briggs Constable [note] (crown chr [charter] to William Briggs Constable dated 24th Sept. [September] 1851

Kininmonth [note] Bridgehill

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