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Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Kilconquhar Parish Continued Scots
Brought over £1734.16.8
John Lumsdaine Lathallan £463.6.8
Henry Bethune Kilconquhar £2124.0.0
Kilconquhar Feuers £37.0.0
St. Fort Duddingston originally £551.13.4
disjoined thus
Sir John Anstruther £15.0.0
add purchase from
Kincraig & disjunction £63.19.8 £600.13.0
Reres originally £984.10.0
disjoined thus
Muirs sold to A Doig £157.10.0
Alexander Bayne Reres £827.0.0
Burntshiels £218.10.0
John Kerr's portion of Kilconquhar £69.0.0
Earl of Balcarras originally £1943.0.0
Balboothie disjoined £393.14.8
Honble [Honourable] Robert Lindsay Balcarras £1549.5.4
Dr [Doctor] Gourlay Kincraig originally £889.13.4
disjoined portion of
Kincraig purchased by Mr Malcolm from Mr Gourlay £280.14.10
portion purchased by
James Duddingston £63.19.8
Carried forward £544.18.10 £7623.11.8
Kilconquhar Parish Continued
Brought forward £544.18.10 £7623.11.8
Mr Malcoms repurchased by Mr Gourlay £280.14.10
disjoined thus
Sunnyhalf £455.16.10
Shadowhalf £369.16.10
Sir Philip Anstruther formerly St. Fort Duddingston £15.0.0
Robert Clelands portion of St Fort £530.13.4
Muir of Reres £157.10.0
Balboothie £393.14.8
[total] £9546.3.4
Kilrenny Parish
Balfours property originally valued at £1254.10.0
Pitkeirie £420.10.0
Gilbert Bethune his lands £834.0.0
Andrew Johnston Pitkeirie £420.10.0
Alexander Anstruther Scotstarvit £1195.0.0
James Lumsdaine Innergellie £1103.13.4
Sir William Erskine Barnsmuire £928.0.0
Sir Philip Anstruther formerly Lord Cardross £7.6.8
James Anderson formerly Robert Law £35.6.8
Andrew Johnston Rennyhill originally £545.10.0
add William Clark's portion £12.0.0 £557.10.0
[total] £5081.6.8

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