Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Kingsbarns Parish Scots
David Balfour Hay Randerston £998.13.4
Pitmilly originally -- £916.0.0 disjoined thus
Morton of Pitmillie £239.5.1
Westpark, Cornflatt park and Grounds about the house of Pittmilly £225.11.8
Backmill of Pitmilly and Milltown of Pitmilly £153.16.1
Dovecot Miln and lands of Eastmiln of Pitmilly £297.7.2
Earl of Kellie Cambo £1340.0.0
Revd [Reverend] Andrew Bell Kilduncan £159.10.0
Honble [Honourable] Henry Erskine Portion of Kingsbarns of old belonging to the Laird of Cessnock £513.6.8
David Glass Portion of Kingsbarns of old belonging to Colin Campbell £112.0.0
Earl of Kellie Portion of Kingsbarns of old belonging to David Carstorphin £209.13.4
Robert Lyals portion of Kingsbarns £171.13.4
Boghall Ladys portion of Kingsbarns £213.6.8
disjoined thus
Thomas Carstairs Feu £165.0.0
Earl of Kellie part of Boghall £220.0.0
David Brown formerly Alexander Briggs portion of Kingsbarns £113.0.0
Earl of Kellie formerly James Lothians portion of Kingsbarns £56.0.0
Joseph Crawford formerly John Culberts portion of Kingsbarns £56.0.0
Thomas Carstairs formerly Robert Lyals portion of Kingsbarns £112.13.4
Mrs Graham formerly George Moncriefs portion of Kingsbarns £171.10.0
Carried forward £5143.6.8
Kingsbarns Parish Continued
Brought forward £5143.6.8
Andrew Bell Sandyhill £112.10.0
Barony of Kippo originally valued at -- £1098.0.0
disjoined thus
James Cheap East Mains of Kippo £160.8.4
James Cheap West Mains of Kippo £156.12.10
James Cheap Miln & Miln lands of Kippo £50.0.8
James Cheap Glebe and Parks of Kippo £69.10.5
James Cheap Kirkurlie £69.17.6
James Cheap Killearnie or Hillery and Wilkieston £92.4.1
James Cheap North Quarter £104.5.3
James Cheap Little Kilduncan £50.5.9
James Cheap Cookston £127.18.9
Aytoun Lochton £216.16.5
N.B. Kingsbarns parish is orginally valued at £7531.6.8
But deduction having been claimed of the feu duties payable to the Earl of Kellie the same was granted, and these feu duties have been struck out of the parish - they were valued at £1177.10.0

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