Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
EXCERPT from Cumulo Valuation of Parish of Kilconquhar and County of Fife Scots
Trustees of Late Stamford Tobert Lumsdaine Remainder of Lands originally Lathallan Spens £463.6.8
The subjects now belonging to Col. [Colonel] Charles Frederick St. Clair Anstruther of Charleston and Dr [Doctor] John Quin Donald to the extent of 342.197 acres or thereby and 103 acres or thereby and the valued rents should be apportioned as follows :-
Charles Frederick St. Clair Anstruther of Charleton The Estate of Lathallan £356.1.8
Dr [Doctor] John Quin Donald Lathallan House £107.5.0

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EDINBURGH 4th October 1907
WE AGENTS for the before designed Charles Frederick St. Clair Anstruther and John Quin Donald approve of the foregoing apportionment of the old valued rents of the respective lands and of payment of the assessments imposed on the lands of Lathallan Spens in terms of the old Valued Rental according to this apportionment without the necessity of having the said rental formally apportioned in the Rolls by the Sheriff of Fifeshire.

(Sgd.) [Signed] FORMAN & BENNET CLARK. W. S. [Writers to the Signet]
(Sgd) [Signed] J & R A ROBERTSON W.S. [Writers to the Signet]

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