Technical Issues

We hope that there shouldn't be any problems with the site. It may be though that we have missed something! If you hit a problem and you cannot resolve it, try browsing the forums or asking a question.

Image unreadable

There is a possibility that the image of a page will be unreadable. This can be due to the quality of the ink and the paper, and there is little that can be done to the image to improve this. If you find an image that cannot be read online, please use the feedback form and let us know. We can then investigate other options for transcription.

Image is missing

It is not expected that any images will be missing from the system. Any questions, use the transcription feedback form.

Part of the image is missing

Occasionally with some records it is necessary to take more than one image of a page or record, meaning that if there are any problems you might not be able to see a full page. Any questions, use the transcription feedback form.

Image is blank

If you come to an image which has no writing on it, and the image represents a blank page, enter the page number from the header and the words 'Blank Page' in the Continued entries/extra Info box. You may then tick the 'mark page as completed box' and click save.

Orientation of the image

Images will be orientated correctly. In the case of the 18th century taxation lists, there are a number of pages which have a few rows of text orientated on the page in the opposite direction from others. Unfortunately, our system does not allow you to rotate these images, so we hope that you can do your best at transcribing these pages. Printing the image out may help in this situation. Any questions, use the transcription feedback form.

The transcript is wrong but I can't edit

Transcriptions can be 'locked' after a period of time either by the system or by a member of the team to stop any further changes being made to a transcription. This usually happens after a period of a few weeks, giving time to review the transcription and make any necessary changes. If you spot an error and the transcription is locked, please use the transcription feedback form and let us know what the problem is.

I can only read part of the record

If you are unable to read the entire record, try doing what you can. You can also seek help from other members of your group or other transcribers. In some cases, due to the binding of the original book, some text may be lost in the binding gutter. You can make a note of this in the transcriber's notes tab. You can also use the transcription feedback form to let the Outreach Officer know and the problem will be recorded.