Community Guidelines

We are happy to invite members of the public to log in and help us transcribe the historical records in the site. The resources that we've made "transcribable" include the historical tax rolls and the Ordnance Survey Name Books. The purpose of the transcriptions system is to make the resources more accessible to both screen readers as well as to searches conducted in the site. 

If you choose to take part, these are the ground rules.

What the website is for.

It's simple. We've digitised the images and added them into the website so they can be accessible to members of the public. As the images are of hand-written materials we were keen to make these resources more accessible.  We created a transcription system to allow members of the public to crowdsource this material.  

Play nice. And be polite.

When using the site address others the way you would want to be addressed. No name-calling, no personal attacks.

No way, no how.

There are a few things we just won't tolerate obscenities, threats, hate speech, material that's ethnically or racially offensive, abusive comments and spam, to name a few. More information on this can be found in the Terms and Conditions of the site.

If you see something, say something.

If you spot a comment in the forums or even in the transcriptions that you think violates these guidelines (or violates a guideline we haven’t written yet, but should), please let us know.  You will see a link (the feedback form) on the transcription and forums pages where you can let us know about the issue.

How forum moderation works.

Transcriptions and forum topics and replies post immediately and may be removed following community flagging or for other reasons. We call this approach "post-moderation". We believe in post-moderation because it allows for near real-time discussion and fosters real conversation. Any comments that include external links will appear however the links will only appear as text but you can of course cut and paste them into your browser.

This is a work in progress.

We'll probably adjust these guidelines as we go. If you have a suggestion, use the feedback form to let us know.

That’s it, folks. Above all, we're keen to see the transcriptions complete and accurate and the transcribers enjoying themselves and the resources.