Horse Tax

The Surveyors recording the Horse Tax are a little inconsistent, especially in the older volumes, examples are given here of the various records and how they should be transcribed.

1. The surveyor has not differentiated between Saddle and Carriage horses, how should these be entered?
In this case enter all horses as Saddle as it is the most common.

2. The surveyor has entered Carriage or Saddle in the column and not a number. How do I enter these?
In this case as the number of horses is usually entered in the 'Actual Number' column so following the 'transcribe what is written' rule, enter Saddle/Carriage in the appropriate column. In the case of horses for hire, these should be entered under Saddle if not defined otherwise. 

3. The surveyor has entered the word 'Horse' next to the number, does this need to be transcribed?
Yes Horse(s) does need to be entered, see example on point 1.

4. The surveyor has only entered the actual number of horses and not indicated whether saddle or carriage, how is this to be transcribed?
Again follow the rule 'transcribe what is written' As the number of horses has not been carried across into the next column and the surveyor has not defined saddle or carriage horse, only enter the number of horses in the Actual Number column and the duty.