Curle Diaries

1. Pages should be transcribed line by line, not in a continuous run of text. Please do not create indents at the start of a paragraph.


2. If any text is present in the margins then please use the following [Margin]..... Or on the opposite page [opposite page]......


3. If there is a continuation to the following page [Continued on Page X] should entered at the bottom of the page and [Continued from page X] on the following page under the Page No.


4. Abbreviations should be expanded in brackets, e.g. N.E. [North East]


5. Sketches etc. should be indicated by [Sketch inserted here]


6. Text that has been crossed out should be ignored.


7. Dates & Parish names etc. should be entered as sub headings.


8. Dates should be entered as written.


9. Underlined text should be entered as normal, i.e. without the underlining.


10. Esq. Esqr. etc., should NOT be expanded.


11. You can use the 'Transcriber's Notes' section to note a difficult word, point out a missing word or add a small amount of contextual detail. Please bear in mind that as a project we are transcribing what is written on the page and a lot of links or information is not necessary. The viewer really should be doing their own research.