Essential website maintenance

On Tuesday 11 June, a small number of our websites started experiencing some infrastructure-related issues. We are working to restore the functionality affected by these issues and anticipate this will be resolved by next week.


These Books are already printed, therefore we are only basically transcribing a copy of them as near to the original as possible.


1. Enter each line as per the original, do not enter continuous text.


2. Where 'lists' appear on the original in multiple columns, do not try to replicate this, enter the text in a continuous list starting on the left hand side of the page.


3. Where there are multiple columns within a list, please separate these using --


4. Where tables have been inserted do not attempt to replicate them, just enter [Table Inserted] the reader will be able to see these for themselves.


5. Accented characters should be entered as per the original.


6. Roman numerals do not need to be converted.


7. Abbreviations do not need to be expanded as in OS Name Books.


8. Where marginal notes occur please insert these as a sub-heading.


9. Where 'do' is written within the text do not enter this, please repeat the relevant information from the previous line.