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than I noticed on my previous visit. One near
the summit measuring some 20' in diameter
was opened some 10 years ago by Mr. Smith
then tenant in Townhead who found two
flint chips, a round thin disc of stone
about the size of a penny with a small depres:
:sion in the centre on one side, and some
charred wood. There must be several
score of "tumuli" here.

Mound. Knockhill
At the W. [West] end of the wall which comes down
by the S. [South] side of the Knockhill forming the
boundary between Townhead and Townfoot
is a grass covered mound, evidently artificial
lying with its longest axis ESE. [East South East] and WNW. [West North West]
and measuring in diameter 24' by 15'.
(This much resembles exteriorly a burnt stone
cairn but I have no evidence to show.)

Hut Circle Townhead.
About 1/2 m. [mile] due E. [East] of Townhead farm buildings
and some 40 yds. [yards] down from the road to Fellend
is a well defined hut circle. It is a small
circular enclosure surrounded by a
turf bank measuring interiorly 7'.6" by 6'.6"
with its longer axis towards the entrance
which with a width of about 2'.6" faces
S. [South] by W. [West]. The bank has a thickness of about 3'.6"
and, at most, an elevation of 1'. The structure

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