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have been filled in and obliterated by cultivation.
The entrance some 12' wide has been from the
E. [East] across the trench on unexcavated ground
and through the rampart. Immediately on
the right of it in the interior on slightly elevated
ground (2'.6"), is a circular area enclosed by a
bank and measuring some 41' in diameter.
It is entered from the W. [West] diametrically opposite to
the entrance to the fort.

Deil's Dyke.
A section of the Dyke is to be seen crossing the
field between Benthead and Crichope Linn.
It is an earthern bank 3'.6" in height and
12' wide at base with a trench on the E. [East] some
14' wide from which the soil has been upcast.

?Fort Benthead. unnoted.
About 1/4 m. [mile] NNE. [North North East] of Benthead on the SE. [South East] bank of
the Linn and some 60 yds [yards] down from the
fine waterfall known as the "Grey Mare's
tail," is a small circular entrenchment.
The ground falls from the Southward to:
:wards the edge of the Linn and directly over:
:looks the construction which forms a
small plateau above the
precipitous bank some 60' to 70' in height.
The mound is encircled by a horseshoe
trench some 20' wide whose ends rest on
the steep bank, and has nowhere a height

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