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the remains of the urns in the cairn nearest
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Fort Crichope Lynn (unnoted)
In the field on the N. [North] and near the head of Crichope
Linn are the remains of a fort. With its base
resting on the precipitous bank of the Linn some
80' in height it extends to the NE. [North East] with two
straight sides some 136' apart consisting of
a trench and inner rampart, now imperfect
on the NW. [North West] side connected by a segmental
curve towards the NE. [North East]. The plan appears to be
an irregular elipse with its major axis from
NE. [North East] to SW. [South West]. Along this axis it measures to the
stone dyke which cuts across it at the side of
the lynn 212' and at widest it extends
some 40' further to the edge of the bank.
The surrounding trench has had a width
of about 28' from crest to crest, and
where best preserved now on either side of
the entrance has a depth of 10' below the
top of the scarp and 7' below the counterscarp.
The rampart at greatest height rises to about
3' above the interior level and is very stony.
On the W. [West] there is a considerable gap in the
defences at a point where the ground on the
interior rises sharply to a height of 7' and the
trench probably lies deep at this point may

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