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the S. [South] and diminishing to 37' on the N. [North]. Separating
this court from the front of the plateau is a
trench 6' deep below the counterscarp and 10' below the
scarp, 42' in breadth from crest to crest and
boldly cut. The track from the outer trench has
been continued along the edge of the S. [South] bank
and has entered the interior up the scarp at
that side. The plateau is in three divisions,
(1) an area some 50' in diameter at the W. [West]
end, at the front and sides of which are the
remains of a stony parapet mound, between
which and the edge of the scarp of the trench
is a berm some 3' wide. (2) a constricted
portion some 50' in length connecting the
higher area with (3) the larger and wider part
of the plateau towards the E. [East]. At the Eastern
extremity the steep flanks converge somewhat
and a track has led down the ridge between
them from the interior on the line of a
modern path. Half way down this track to
the burn level flat flags and outcropping
boulders seem to indicate the foundation
of a wall across, and at the lowest level
across the peninsula here some 60' wide,
is a distinct scarp some 4' in height.
At its extreme Eastern termination in the

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