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hillock with a height on all sides except along
the ridge of some 20'. This hillock is the site of a
fort and across the ridge there is evident the
remains of a broad and deep trench whose
scarps have been greatly levelled down by
the action of the plough.

Fort Kemp's Castle.
This fort is situated about 1 m. [mile] SSW. [South South West] of the town
of Sanquhar on a long narrow plateau occupy:
:ing an acute angle between the Barr Burn
and the Euchan Water at their confluence,
and lying with its main axis E. [East] and W. [West]. From
end to end it measures some 350' in breadth
at the W. [West] end 55' and at the E. [East] end 70'. It
is highest at the W. [West] end where it rises some
40' above the Barr Burn, flowing by its base
on the N. [North],
and somewhat less above the meadow intervening
between it and the Euchan Water on the S. [South]
and dips to the E. [East] some [--] ft. [feet] in the course
of its length. Approached from the W. [West] there
is first encountered a trench across the ridge
in front of the plateau some 32' wide which
stops some 6' short of the bank on the S. [South]
flank so as to leave room for a roadway
along the edge. In rear of the trench is a
small harp shaped court measuring
some 66' across the interior face, 66' along

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