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a fine gold lunette weighing 4 1/4 oz. [ounces] found
near Sanquhar. Is this the object in the National
Museum deposited by the Duke of Buccleuch &
found at Achentaggart? There is a fine bronze
patella from Auchenskeoch - a bronze flanged
axe with a double parallel curved moulding
in front of the stop ridge: and several sculp:
:tured crosses of which Mr. Watson has taken
particular note.

11th June 1912.
Met MacGibbon & Watson & accompanied
them to the top of Tynron Doon where I
pointed out features to be included in the plan.
Thence with Mr. Gladstone to the mote on the
Druidhill Burn.

Penpont Mote Druidhill Burn.
This mote is situated on the Eastern boundary
of Penpont Parish about 1 m. [mile] to the N. [North] of the
farm of Merkland. It is formed from a
rather large grassy hillock by a trench and
terrace near the base at one side cutting off the higher
& major portion which rests on the bank of the
Druidhall Burn at the opposite side. The
area thus enclosed is oval in shape. From
the bed of the burn on the E. [East] it rises very steeply
to a height of from 70' to 80' while from the SW. [South West]
it rises by an easy gradient from above the
scarp of the trench. The summit itself

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