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apparently of earth and stone measuring in
diameter about 17'.
Some 200 yds. [yards] along the hill side and at a
slightly higher level is another small group
comprising about half a dozen. Associated with
these there appear to be two hut circles the enclosing
banks of both of which has been formed with
small stones and a very few large ones. The
most northerly has an interior diameter of
11'.6" and has been entered from the SE. [South East]. The
floor is slightly sunk beneath the surrounding
level. In the other circle, to the W. [West] of the group,
the interior is less well defined, but measures some 14'
in diameter while the over all measur:
:ments are 20' by 20'.6". The position of the
entrance is doubtful but it has probably been
from the ENE. [East North East].
On the E. [East] side of the glen about 150 yds. [yards] W. [West] of
the end of a wood which lies parallel with
the burn is a group of four small
cairns - one of which has been partially
cleared out - while about 100 yds. [yards] further
down the glen there are other six measuring
from 10' to 12' in diameter and about 2' in
elevation. All these small cairns
lie between the 800' and 900' contour lines of

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