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slight rise now covered with a young plantation
and having a small pond at either end.
Around it run the ruins of a rude wall, with
a distinctly defensive character where best pre:
:served which is for a very short distance on
the W. [West] side. From the line of this wall Eastward
the bank below has been regularly scarped to
a height of some 5'. The thick growth of young
trees makes it now impossible to discern accur:
:ately the true character of this enclosure. On
the highest point there are foundations of an
oblong building probably a cottage, overgrown
with thick grass. ( I believe Mr. Corrie has
measurements of this construction made
when the plantation was less obstructive)

Small Cairns Crossford Hill.
In a slight hollow on a very rough stony
ground on Crossford Hill and about 1/2 m. [mile]
NNE. [North North East] of Crossford is a group of about a
dozen small cairns measuring in diameter
from 10' to 12' and in elevation about 1'.

Keir Par. [Parish]
Stretching up the glen of the Auchenage Burn
on Barjarg Moor from about 100 yds [yards] NW. [North West]
of the dyke that encloses the cultivated land
on Glenlaugh farm are several groups
of small cairns. The first group
nearest the dyke contains about 4 low cairns

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