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and a mound some 3' in height formed of the
upcast has been raised to the lower side. As the
trench passes round to the Westward it flattens
to a terrace some 25' to 30' above the meadow
below and runs out at a slight hollow running
down the face of the hillock on the W. [West]. A
line of stones across the face of this hollow
suggest that it has been crossed by a wall
Beyond it the NNW. [North North West] end of the ridge is cut through
some 10' below the summit
in a similar manner to the opposite end by a
trench 16' wide and now of slight depth while
30' beyond is a second and slighter trench whence
the hillock gradually declines. Along the E. [East]
side where cultivation has encroached there
seems to have been a terrace but it has almost
disappeared. The counterscarps of the trenches
are very stony as if they had been faced or,
more probably, surmounted with a wall,
and at the W [West] end of the defences at the NNW. [North North West]
end there is exposed what appears to be a stone
base. There is no sign of a
base court.

Fort, (supposed) House Park Maxwellton (unnoted)

On the N. [North] side of the road leading from Crossford
to Maxwellton Mains and some 250 yds. [yards] from
where it leaves the main road to Moniaive
is what appears to be a fort situated on a

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