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a trench some 23' wide and from 5' to 6' deep
with a mound to the outside which runs S. [South] from
a point adjacent to the WSW. [West South West] entrance
for a distance of [--] thence with a
sharp return it runs approximately parallel with the inner
defences till it meets the steep upward slope op:
:posite the ENE [East North East] entrance, thence with a
break it continues for a short distance along the
higher ground and takes a right angled return
towards the inner defences. From westward of
the WSW. [West South West] entrance a spur of rock runs outward
from the base of which on the S. [South] a trench some 17' wide and 4' to 5' deep with
a mound on the Counter scarp takes a bold
sweep Southward passed the entrance, to the S. [South]
angle of the large enclosure along the base of
the hillock, stopping short of the outer mound
so as to leave a passage to the area which it encloses.
A roadway is traceable approaching the WSW [West South West]
entrance from the N. [North] up a slight hollow between
the rocky spur and the defences. The entrance
to which it leads is about 5' in width, within it
the outer ward has probably been hollowed
by excavation. As the roadway passes through
the inner wall it enters an excavated level area

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