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area faced by an elevated oval plateau some
4' above N. [North] on the right, while on the left there remains
an arc of an oval enclosure indicating a diameter of 59' measuring some 30'
along the curve with a breadth of 2'.4". this
segment has been formed of living rock left in relief
on excavation. Between the plateau and the
enclosure the roadway evidently passed with
a width of 6' rising to the higher level beyond.
The approach at the ENE [East North East] extremity after passing
the outer trench is carried up a steep slope
through the inner defences and is faced directly
in the interior with an unexcavated mass of
rock with a slight oval depression on the top
around which the roadway seems to have been
taken at a lower level to right and left.
The width of this entrance is not so accurately
obtainable but appears to have been about 8'.
Some [--] ft. [feet] in from it is a well defined circular
enclosure with a diameter over all of 35';
some 20' beyond it is visible a stony segment equal to
about 2/3 of a circle with a diameter of 22',
and rising a few inches above the general level
with a breadth of 2', while just beyond and at
the highest point of the interior there appears
to have been a third excavated to a depth of
about 3' on the upper side and measuring

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